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Whether you're aiming for a stronger forehand, backhand, or serve, we have the training plan that will help you reach your goal. Our plans are based on your information and are completely tailored to your circumstances.

Our experience,your advantage

With over 20 years of experience, we are confident that physical fitness affects tennis performance. Benefit from our knowledge and training plans - tailored to your goals and circumstances.

“My individual training program is a significant contributing factor to my success in reaching the top of the world"
Rebecca Peterson

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What are you waiting for? In the ADV-X app, you can access 20 years of accumulated knowledge entirely digitally. We are with you in every stroke along the way.
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The science behind ADV-X

For 20 years, we've tested and trained thousands of tennis players at all levels – from beginners to elite athletes and global stars. That's why we know that 50% of your performance on the tennis court depends on technique, with the rest relying on your physical capabilities, something our tennis-specific exercises can assist you with. Our training plans have proven effectiveness, and regardless of your current level, our training plans will take you to the next.
Our history, your advantage.

About us

ADV-X is a Swedish sports tech company that aims to establish a global standard for tennis fitness. Our goal is that no tennis player should have to guess how to train to perform better on the court. Therefore, we offer optimized and individually developed fitness plans and coaching that take your tennis to the next level - digitally and globally.


What does it cost?

You can subscribe monthly for $14.90/month. We have no commitment period, and you can cancel the subscription at any time.

Who is the app for?

ADV-X is for anyone who wants to develop their game and physical fitness. We start with your personal goals and guide you at every step with the help of individually tailored training plans.

Are you only for elite players?

Our training plans are customized for each individual and are therefore equally suitable for recreational players as well as competitive athletes, regardless of age and skill level.

How do I know if it works?

We have conducted thousands of tests on tennis players and studied the correlation between physical fitness and ranking. This knowledge forms the basis of our training plans, which have been proven effective in improving physical performance over time.

How often and for how long do I need to train to get better at tennis?

Every player is unique, and how often and how long you need to train depends on your skill level, your goals, and how much time you can dedicate to your training. However, we have a minimum requirement of one completed session lasting 20 minutes per week, for a period of 4 weeks.

How many training plans and exercises are there?

Each individual training plan has a specific goal and consists of 10-20 different exercises, allowing for the creation of countless variations of training plans. The plans are based on one of our six main tennis goals, including stronger groundstrokes and serves. In total, we offer over 300 different exercises adapted for both gym and home environments.

What happens if I don't have time to complete my session or want to change my goal and training plan?

No problem! If you miss a session, we'll reschedule it for the next planned opportunity. There are no limitations on how many training plans you can create - if you want to set a new goal, we'll create a new training plan together.

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